How to draw up a technical specification for the development of a mobile application

technical specification for the development of a mobile application

Mobile applications are more relevant today than ever. Ideas for their creation literally “fly in the air”, but not everyone can bring them to life. Without a clear vision of the task, nothing will work, so the question of how to correctly draw up a technical specification for the development of a mobile application comes to the fore. The availability of the technical task will become the basis on which all the rest of the work on the application will be based.

What is a technical task and can you do without it?

The terms of reference for the development of an application is a clearly formulated document that describes the customer’s requirements for a future project. The team receives a specific action plan.

This eliminates any future problems associated with different interpretations and understanding of the terms set forth by the customer.

Also, the TS (technical specification) performs the functions of an agreement in which all the conditions for the provision of services are formulated. It should contain the following items:

  • The main functions that the designed application should have.
  • Characteristics of the product being created.
  • Description of the design and architecture of the system.
  • Using the platform.
  • Additional Information.

Stages of development of technical specifications for the application

TS should be drawn up according to certain rules. This ensures the consistency of requirements for the finished application of both the client and the developer. Compilation is based on the following scheme:

  • The purpose for which the application is created, where and how it will be used.
  • Tasks to be solved by the application.
  • For which device and platform it is created.
  • Terms of order fulfillment.
  • Development budget.

After the main points have been identified, it can be understood that the design of the assignment is being built according to the following plan:

  • Terms used.
  • Application execution goals.
  • Requirements for him.
  • The scenarios in which the application will be used.
  • Screen descriptions.
  • Platform requirements – iOS or Android.

A specialist with the appropriate technical knowledge should be involved in the preparation of the TS, since a non-professional without special training or work experience will not be able to deal with complex terminology, correctly formulate the stages of work and correctly indicate their sequence.

How to write a technical specification for the development of a mobile application yourself?

If, after studying all the stages of development and attempts to create a technical specification on his own, a beginner realizes that he is not doing the job, then the best way out of the situation is to send an order to professionals with extensive experience in such activities. Then a high-quality working result will be obtained, and not a project “lame” in all points. The TS will become the basis for the quick and competent development of a mobile application that perfectly meets all the wishes and requirements.

the development of a mobile application

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