What is UI / UX design?

What is UI / UX design?

UX / UI design – what is it? The definition relates to the design of user interfaces. In this area, design and functionality are inseparable things that make up a single high-quality product.

Let’s understand the concepts of UX and UI. The meaning of the above terms for people is a mystery, and beginners in the field of software layout ask elementary questions, are in the dark, not knowing the basics. We present an overview of these cryptic words.

What is UX / UI Design in Apps?

UX (User Experience) – user experience. It means that the user gets knowledge, emotions, working with the interface.

UI (User Interface) – user interface. The name includes the characteristics of the interface and its appearance. Helps the user to navigate. Responsible for the indicator of the interface usability for the client.

UX / UI design is a combination of concepts in a single product. User interface + user friendliness.

The creators of software are people, their task is to develop the application interface, create high-quality software. Have you endowed the utility with convenience and a pleasant design? She will gain popularity among clients. In case of non-compliance with the norms, the user will think about whether to buy the product or not to buy, go to the product page or not go.

How does UX differ from UI design?

How does UX differ from UI design

The concepts are incomparable, but their interaction with each other is inextricable. In other words, Yuai and Yuix are related, but not intertwined. The combination of UX and UI is a sequential chain that forms a single end product.

UX design with trivial examples:

  • The phone sits comfortably in the hand;
  • The kettle whistles when water boils in it.

The listed life examples characterize the positive user experience. Websites / software are designed on it.

UI options:

  • Website design;
  • Sequence;
  • Nice colors.

This helps users navigate the product. Makes him a leader or an outsider (depending on the developer).

Stages of developing a mobile application from scratch

Developing a clean mobile app isn’t easy. Not knowing the basics, not having practical skills and knowledge, you will not budge. Become a professional beginner who didn’t know the meaning of UX / UI prior to reading this article.

Step-by-step process for creating a user interface:

  1. We come up with paths (user flow) along which users will move;
  2. We create sketches of the screens of the future program;
  3. We are looking for a site / utility template and sketching out the color scheme;
  4. We select the design of the screens;
  5. Putting the parts together, starting the test (contact your friends to point out the pros and cons of the functionality (UX) and design (UI));
  6. Adjusting screen layouts;
  7. The software is ready.

Software development is a consistently interconnected process that requires knowledge in the field of UX and UI design. Without knowing the basics, design tools, you will not complete your task – to release a quality product.

Remember that a user will never give preference to a program that he does not like visually and is not endowed with the functionality he needs. Make elaborate programs!

Stages of developing a mobile application from scratch

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